@kategruenberg @jlg354 (at Cornell Homecoming Tailgate)

@kategruenberg @jlg354 (at Cornell Homecoming Tailgate)

Internship advice from some ILR grads

Find an advocate and invest in that relationship. Someone who can tell your story to other leaders

Demonstrate a proactive go-getter attitude

Learn and experience new things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make a mistake, but don’t ask the same question or make the same mistake twice

Don’t step on others’ toes and be a bull in a china shop

Some Things to Consider

If every American chose to forego one meal containing chicken each week, the savings on carbon dioxide polluting our environment would be more powerful than removing 500,000 vehicles from the road.

It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat.

You can save more water by not eating a pound of beef than you would by not showering for six consecutive months.

A kilogram of beef results in more greenhouse gas emissions and pollution than it would be if you were to drive for three hours while leaving every single light on in your house.

Wish not so much to live long as to live well -Ben Franklin

Couldn’t quite be in Baltimore but this’ll do. @territ77’s first baseball game!!! Let’s go #orioles #alcs #MerryInMaryland  (at Buffalo Wild Wings)

Couldn’t quite be in Baltimore but this’ll do. @territ77’s first baseball game!!! Let’s go #orioles #alcs #MerryInMaryland (at Buffalo Wild Wings)

Favorite quotes from The Life Before Us by Romain Gary

People seem to care more about life than anything else, which is funny when you think of all the wonderful things there are in this world.

I forgot to tell you that Madame Rosa kept a big picture of Monsieur Hitler under her bed and when she was so unhappy she couldn’t bear it, she took it out and gazed at it, and in half a second she felt better because that was one less thing to worry about.

He also has a carpet with a picture of another compatriot, sidi ouali dada, sitting on a prayer rug that’s being towed by fishes.
Fishes pulling a carpet through the air doesn’t seem to make much sense, but religion is like that.

Madame Rosa used to say that next to Louis xiv, fucking was the biggest thing in France, which is why prostitutes, as they’re sometimes called, are persecuted, because respectable women want it all to themselves.

She woke up screaming because what was a dream to me was a nightmare to her, and she always said that nightmares ate what dreams turn into with age. We dreamed up two entirely different lionesses, but that’s the way of the world.

I sat down on the stairs and cried like a baby. That’s the expression, but in my opinion every age has its own way of crying.

Old people aren’t to blame if they’re always attacked in the end, and I’m really not so crazy about the laws of nature.

But Time is always nicer to talk about than to see on the face of an old man who’s sinking a little more everyday, and if you want my honest opinion Time is just a thief.

(Never published in the Sun, of course) - In Response to:

To the people protesting Israeli actions in Gaza, we see you. We hear you.

We know that a war is occurring in the Middle East – several, actually. People are dying in Gaza, Israel, Syria, and Iraq. But let’s just focus on Gaza, because that’s what the protesters do.

Injustice is everywhere, and as someone who cares about social justice, I think it’s important to pressure the leaders of countries around the world – in Israel, the US, Canada, everywhere – to strive for a more just and equitable society. But when you cry, “No justice, no peace,” do you really mean it? Do you actually believe that living in peace should wait until everything is right and just? There used to be a time during which nearly half of Gaza’s labor force commuted to Israel for work. No, things weren’t perfect, and their society wasn’t flawlessly just or equitable (what society is?), but they were able to live peacefully and make a better living. The Hamas Covenant, the Intifada, and Israel’s increased emphasis on security changed all of that. But don’t you think that’s what the average Gazan wishes were true now over the current state of warfare? Aiming for a society in which people can live and work in peace sounds like social justice to me – not supporting leaders who call for destruction in its policies, aim for destruction in its actions, and perpetuate destruction and death in its insistence on war.

I’m not writing here to defend all of the Israeli government’s actions. I can’t say that I agree with each and every one of them. I don’t think you could find an Israeli or a Jew who could (as the old saying goes, “two Jews, three opinions”). And I don’t think you could find an organization in the world that perfectly represents the exact views of each of its members on this extremely complicated issue. Even our Hillel, with over a dozen political, cultural, religious, special interest, and social justice groups, could not possibly perfectly represent the political views of each of the estimated 3,500 Jewish students on this campus. Does that make the organization “hypocritical”? No, it makes it a large organization that aims to be a resource to Jewish students, as diverse as that group may be.

There are far too many people who we might have known for years, during which religion never made any identifiable impact on them, who pull the “Jew card” out of their back pockets when they see that it might strengthen their argument against Israel (and even Hillel, apparently). When you say that Hillel ignores “issues like this,” did you know that Hillel umbrella organizations hold discussions on the issue frequently? When you say that Israel doesn’t stand for you, have you ever been in a situation in which you were unsafe in a country just because you were Jewish? You might not stand for Israel, but Israel would stand for you. I implore you, before you declare your seemingly newfound Judaism along with BDS as your prescription to this problem in the Middle East, study it a bit more, talk to a rabbi, check out High Holiday services, go to the region and see it for yourself, and heck, even come to a Hillel event or two. You might find that the conflict is a little more complicated than you think, the situation is not in fact equivalent to apartheid South Africa or Nazi Germany, and social justice is actually a core tenet in Judaism.

After all, the two ideas – Zionism and social justice – aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s entirely possible to say that you’re a damn proud member of the Left Wing with a love of social justice while also saying that you’re a damn proud member of the Jewish People — whose homeland will forever be the State of Israel. That’s what I do.

Cornell #161 list #153: Buy a Cornell-grown apple from a vending machine. I’ll try new things this new year… Starting with buying fresh produce from a machine. Okay. (at Albert R. Mann Library)

Cornell #161 list #153: Buy a Cornell-grown apple from a vending machine. I’ll try new things this new year… Starting with buying fresh produce from a machine. Okay. (at Albert R. Mann Library)

לשנה טובה ומתוקה לכולם מקורנל!! 🍎🍯🍎🍯❤️

לשנה טובה ומתוקה לכולם מקורנל!! 🍎🍯🍎🍯❤️

How do you do a case interview

I have one tomorrow for an employer and I don’t even really know what it is


All college students can relate


All college students can relate

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